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How We Can Jump-Start Your Business

We'll contact the best catalogs about your product.  With over 10,000 catalogs in the U.S., it's difficult to know where to begin when approaching prospective mail order houses.  Our company works directly with over 100 of the largest catalogs in the country.  We'll target the ones best suited for your product, where it has the greatest likelihood of selling well.

We make it easier for your product to be placed in catalogs.  Our long-term relationships with our accounts gives us a big advantage when presenting new items.  We the know the merchandise buyers at the catalogs. . . the types of products they're looking for. . . when their product reviews are. . . and how to get their attention with new products.

We'll get you the best possible deal.  Many catalogs will bury small vendors with a load of "required" allowances and discounts.  Often vendors are so eager to get their product into a catalog that they agree to all of the catalog's requests.  In fact, some vendors are so badly beaten up by the concessions they agree to, they end up netting virtually no profit from sales of their product.  We can help vendors avoid this predicament.  We know what prices the catalogs need. . . the margins they can live with. . . what special concessions they do need -- and which ones they can live without.

We'll assist the catalogs in selling your product.  Getting into a catalog is always good news, but if your product isn't presented well, it's a wasted opportunity.  That's where our years of advertising experience can help.  We'll advise the catalogs on which benefits and product selling points to emphasize in their ad copy.  We'll also tell them how to photograph your product so that it's shown in the best possible light.

We'll manage the accounts for you.  After your product is placed, we'll deal directly with the buyer and re-buyers at the catalogs.  We'll receive all purchase orders and scrutinize them for errors or discrepancies.  Then we'll correct any problems before forwarding the orders to you.  We also handle the various inquiries that come up on an ongoing basis, such as customer service questions, return authorizations, and requests for documentation.

We can expand your sales beyond catalogs.  If your product sells successfully through mail order, it could open the door to other marketing opportunities.  We work closely with several reputable marketing firms across the country.  They have the expertise to sell your product through other profitable avenues, such as TV
home shopping, retail chain stores, and foreign markets.

We can offer valuable guidance, plus trade-show support.  You can rely on our years of experience to advise you in both large and small matters regarding your product.  Whether it's a decision about which insurance policy to get, how to price your product, or the choice of packaging, you can count on us to help you make a sensible and cost effective decision.  In addition, if you ever exhibit your product at trade shows, we can offer additional support by working in your booth.

No cost to you.  Best of all, there's no risk.  We earn 100% of our income through commissioned sales.  So we only make money when we succeed in generating orders for you.  There's no hidden cost and no risk for your company.  Because we work strictly on commission, we only take new products that we feel have a strong possibility of success.

So contact us today.  For a free evaluation of your product's catalog potential, send us a product description along with pricing. 

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